KeyedIn® Manufacturing – Configurable Cloud ERP Software for Manufacturing Organizations

KeyedIn Manufacturing offers comprehensive Cloud-based business management systems for manufacturers and those who manage distributed enterprises. Whether you operate a small-to-medium size manufacturing organization or a large enterprise with multiple, distributed plants, we have an edition of our Cloud based manufacturing software specifically designed to solve your business challenges. With KeyedIn Manufacturing, your organization will gain the capabilities to work strategically in support of the following business objectives:  

    • Bottom line growth:   Build capacity and increase profitability through gains in productivity.
    • Drive efficiency: Easily custom configure the software to support your workflow and environment.
    • Enable innovation: Quickly and affordably extend capabilities to support new products, processes, markets and facilities.
    • Accessibility and visibility:   Easily integrate with other systems to promote transparency and real-time information exchange.
    • Empowerment: Provide your team with the tools to make proactive, informed decisions – from anywhere.
    • Enterprise alignment: If you have multiple, distributed facilities, KeyedIn can help you affordably extend and integrate your environments.

KeyedIn Manufacturing software provides all the business management tools you need, including: forecasting, sales orders, production management, capacity management, CRM, and more - all in a single platform. See a full list of our features here

Exclusive platform for fast, affordable, custom configured
manufacturing solutions.

KeyedIn Manufacturing is the only manufacturing system developed on the exclusive Konfigure™, application platform as a service (aPaaS). Konfigure gives you the power to easily custom configure KeyedIn Manufacturing to your workflow and environment without the time-consuming process of programming or code development. The simple drag and drop interface makes building custom applications – that fit your exact needs – not only fast and affordable, but easy to modify and upgrade.

Other terminology sometimes used to describe what KeyedIn Manufacturing offers  is “manufacturing ERP software”, “configurable manufacturing software“ and “manufacturing execution system”/”MES”.

Deliver more in the Cloud.

KeyedIn Manufacturing offers all the capabilities of traditional, on-premise systems – and more - in the Cloud. With KeyedIn Manufacturing, you have the tools you need with the ability to easily custom configure any function in an affordable, flexible Cloud environment. Move away from expensive, annual maintenance contracts and infrastructure costs and join the movement to the Cloud with KeyedIn. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model means:

    • No annual maintenance fees
    • No infrastructure/hardware costs
    • No lengthy implementation cycles
    • Includes regular, effortless upgrades
    • Pay only for what you use
A secure, hosted Cloud solution delivers more value and reduces the burden of your IT team, freeing them to focus on other initiatives to support your business. And, with KeyedIn Manufacturing, you can literally be up and running within days.

We invite you to learn more. Choose the version of our manufacturing ERP system that suits your needs: